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Hurricane Mitigation: Build to Save

"Mitigation" refers to building materials, techniques and tools used to reduce damage to structures from a major hurricane. Admitted insurer’s must offer its customers discounts for implementing these measures, as a way of encouraging Floridians to take preventive measures and increase the safety of their homes and businesses.

Since October 1, 2005, all admitted insurers have been required to notify policyholders of mitigation credits available to them. The notice must be provided with the initial policy and again at each renewal.

In order to receive mitigation credits the insured must obtain a properly completed inspection form and submit it to their insurer. A list of the individuals that may complete the mitigation inspection form is listed at the Mitigation Notices, Inspections and Forms link below. The form may be used for up to five years with certain exceptions.

For additional information about the Notice Requirements, Inspections and Required Forms please see Mitigation Notices, Inspections and Required Forms. Also, a list of the licensee’s who may sign a mitigation verification form can be obtained at this same link.