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Browse your options and find what is best for you. These guides provide comprehensive product information to assist in shopping for a specific type of insurance and are available for download in pdf icon PDF format.

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Legislative Updates

Recent legislative changes prohibit a policyholder from assigning any post-loss benefits of a residential or commercial property insurance contract issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2023. Therefore, Assignment of Benefit agreements may not be established for claims made under contracts subject to this new law.

Updates to Mediation Programs
Effective July 1, 2023, updates to the Automobile Mediation, Residential Property Mediation and Sinkhole Neutral Evaluation program(s) will apply.

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Assignment of Benefits:

Learn more about assignment of benefits and how it can impact a homeowner.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Automobile Insurance:

This toolkit outlines the coverage you must have as a Florida resident and explains your other insurance options.

Available for Download in English

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Filing an Auto Claim:

This brochure provides a brief overview of the the steps to take when filing an auto claim.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Automobile Mediation Program:

The Department of Financial Services stands ready to assist consumers who are having difficulty getting auto insurance claims resolved.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Homeowners Insurance:

This toolkit provides helpful suggestions to prepare you for any type of claim that involves the largest investment you’ve made - your home.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights:

Find out what your rights are as a residential property policyholder under the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Post-Disaster Insurance Claims:

This guide will provide you with steps to take to notify your insurer of your loss and make a claim following a disaster.

Available for Download in English

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Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation:

Taking certain mitigation steps to protect your home from hurricane-force winds will not only keep your family safe, but can result in discounts from your insurance company. Use this guide to learn more about premium discounts for hurricane loss mitigation.

Available for Download in English

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Residential Property Mediation Program:

The Department of Financial Services stands ready to assist consumers who are having difficulty getting residential insurance claims resolved.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Renters' Insurance:

This toolkit provides information to assist you with insuring your personal property. It also contains tools to assist you if you have a covered loss.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Settling Your Sinkhole Claim:

The Neutral Evaluation Program provides a professional to determine the existence and scope of a sinkhole loss.

Available for Download in English

large sinkhole in front of residential property

Sinkholes and Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse:

Sinkholes are an unpredictable part of the Florida landscape, especially in West Central Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area. Before you buy a home, make sure that you have these bases covered.

Available for Download in English

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Small Business:

Finding the best insurance plan to protect your business is one of the many important decisions you must make as a small-business owner. This guide explains the required and optional coverage you need to consider.

Available for Download in English


Surplus Lines - Bridging the GAP:

Surplus lines insurance is an alternative type of insurance coverage for consumers who cannot get coverage in the standard or “admitted” market. Standard companies will not write policies for unusual, high-risk situations. Read the brochure to learn more.

Available for Download in English or  Spanish

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Title Insurance:

During the home buying process many of us are faced with a barrage of terms and procedures we have never heard of, especially if we are first-time buyers. This publication is designed to help you understand the process.

Available for Download in English or  Spanish

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Workers' Compensation Fraud:

Join the battle against workers' compensation fraud. Learn about the consequences of workers’ compensation fraud and how to report it.

Available for Download in English or  Spanish

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Natural Disaster:

Hurricanes aren't the only disasters that Floridians need to be prepared for each year. Wildfires, floods, tornadoes and sinkholes are other reasons why it pays to make sure your homeowners' insurance is adequate, and that your financial interests are up-to-date and protected. This guide contains information that can be extremely valuable in the event of a natural disaster.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

hurricane damage pile of rubble in front of home with red roof

Disaster Assistance:

This brochure offers tips on dealing with damage from hurricanes and other natural disasters, including numbers to call for assistance with insurance issues.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

two homes ravaged by hurricane damage

Florida's Hurricane Deductible:

Learn more about your hurricane deductible and when it applies.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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What to Expect After Filing a Homeowners Claim:

Learn more about what to expect after reporting a claim to your insurance company or agent.

Available for Download in EnglishSpanish or Creole

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The Flood Claims Process:

Learn more about what to expect after reporting a flood claim to your insurance company or agent.

Available for Download in English



This guide describes the different kinds of annuities and offers tips and suggested questions to ask before purchasing one.

Available for Download in English


Health Insurance:

Health insurance is an important coverage that can protect you and your family from the devastating financial effects of unexpected health problems or catastrophic illness. Please review the Health Guide for ways to control and manage costs.

Available for Download in English

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Life Insurance:

Life insurance policies are not one size fits all. This guide informs you of the different types of life insurance products available and what to consider before purchasing one.

Available for Download in English

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Long-Term Care:

Long-term care encompasses a wide range of medical, personal and social services. People may need this care if they suffer from prolonged illness, disability or cognitive impairment.

Available for Download in English


Health Care Reform & You:

Do you have questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it impacts you? Please review this informative brochure to gain a better understanding of Affordable Care Act.

Available for Download in English or Spanish


Medicare and You Guide by CMS:

Your best and official source of answers to your Medicare questions.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Medicare Supplement Insurance - Getting Started Guide by CMS:

This brochure provides an introduction and broad overview of Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) policies.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Choosing a Medigap Policy Guide by CMS:

Medicare is an essential health care program for people age 65 and older and people with disabilities. This guide will help you evaluate your health care insurance needs.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Emergency Financial Preparedness:

An important aspect of disaster preparedness is financial preparedness. This toolkit is designed to help you organize your financial information before and after a disaster.

Available for Download in  EnglishSpanish or Creole


Identity Theft:

Learn about the necessary reports to file to minimize the damage from identity theft.

Available for Download in English or Spanish


Unclaimed Property-Do you have Lost Treasure?

Unclaimed property is a financial asset that has been left inactive by its owner. Unclaimed money is deposited into the state school fund, where it is used for public education.

Available for Download in English or Spanish

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Insurance Fraud:

Borrowing money for a home or car? Investing in stocks and securities? Insuring your family and possessions? Plenty of frauds and scams are ready to take advantage of you. Learn how to Fight Back Against Fraud in this brochure.

Available for Download in EnglishSpanish or Creole

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Credit Scoring - Credit, Insurance and You:

Credit information plays a key role in most homeowners and automobile coverage and rates. Understanding how the system works is your best defense against costly and damaging mistakes.

Available for Download in  English 


Victims Rights:

This brochure offers guidelines on your rights as a victim of a crime, what to expect from the legal system, and resources for assistance.

Available for Download in English