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Request Mediation & Neutral Evaluation

Before You Request to Mediate Your Claim Dispute

Incomplete submissions will cause delays. Before you submit your concern, review all four sections below and follow the steps to properly submit your Mediation request.

Next Steps

Upon receipt of an eligible request for mediation, the Department will notify the parties they have 21 (calendar) days to otherwise resolve the dispute before a mediator is assigned.

Once mediator has been assigned, the mediation conference is to occur within 21 days.

When applicable, good cause continuances can be requested by the parties.

You may settle the claim with the insurance company prior to mediation.

SUBMIT A REQUEST TO MEDIATE YOUR CLAIM DISPUTE ONLINE Submit a Request for Mediation for any of the five programs administered by the Division. 1) Automobile Mediation, 2) Residential Property Mediation, 3) Commercial Residential Property Mediation, 4) Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Mediation or 5) Sinkhole Neutral Evaluation.