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Data Management Workgroups

The Department of Financial Services, Division of Accounting and Auditing (A&A) has initiated an effort with the Florida PALM Agency Advisory Council to collect information to develop guidance and best practices for agencies to analyze and manage legacy data in preparation for implementation into Florida PALM. The Agency Advisory Council has established workgroups comprised of subject matter experts to meet to assist us in:

  • Identifying and discussing current practices and state of legacy data;
  • Developing and sharing expectations, tools, and guidance for analyzing and cleansing legacy data; and
  • Providing input for creating or updating policies and best practices to support standardization of data and processes in Florida PALM.

Over the next several months, A&A will be meeting with these workgroups to discuss the identified topics. As meetings are completed, meeting notes will be added to the applicable workgroup. At this time, we have identified the ten workgroups listed below.



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