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Opening a Title Insurance Agency

So, you’re thinking about opening a title insurance agency?

Well, before you open the doors for the first time, a review of the laws and rules affecting insurance representatives and the operation of Florida title agencies could be very beneficial to you. After all, you want to maintain a successful title agency. Insurance laws are located in Title XXXVII of the Florida Statutes and in Chapters 69B and 69O of the Florida Administrative Code.

Here’s a quick overview of laws and procedures that new (and not-so-new) agents frequently inquire about, along with the applicable cites, for opening a title insurance agency.  If that's not for you, maybe you want to check out the guidelines for opening major lines insurance agencies - bail bond agencies and adjusting firms coming soon.

Have questions? You may find the answers you are looking for by reading our frequently asked questions.

Please make sure you view these references:

Florida Statute sections

626.561 Reporting and accounting for funds
626.8473 Escrow; trust fund
627.780 Illegal dealings in premium

Good luck with your new agency!

Florida Administrative Code rules

69B-222 Unlicensed insurance personnel
69B-186.008 Escrow Disbursements
69B-186.010 Unlawful Rebates and Inducements Related to Title Insurance Transactions
69O-186.003 Title Insurance Rates
69O-186.008 Escrow Requirements
69O-186.009 Reconciliation of Escrow Accounts
69O-186.013 Title Insurance Statistical Gathering