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This page is designed to provide you with the forms necessary to obtain or maintain your license. To ensure a specific form is required, please review the license qualifications page of the license that you are attempting to obtain. If you have any questions, please contact our Licensing Help Line at 850-413-3137.

Educational Forms

Licensing Forms

Bond Forms

Bail Bond Agent Forms

Miscellaneous  Forms

Suitability/Annuity Forms

  • DFS-H1-1980 - Annuity Suitability Questionnaire
  • DFS-H1-1981 - Disclosure and Comparison of Annuity Contracts
  • DFS-H1-2146 - Florida Insurance Premium Disclosure & Settlement Agent Certification
  • DFS-H2-72 - Public Adjuster's Bond Form
  • DFS-H2-376 - Application for Life License & Appt., U.S. Foreign/Military
  • DFS-H2-460 - Request for Extension of Continuing Education Compliance Period - Agents and Customer Representatives
  • DFS-H2-501 - Appointment Form
  • DFS-H2-503 - Bail Bond Agent Rate Filing
  • DFS-H2-504 - Professional Bail Bond Agent Financial Statement
  • DFS-H2-569 - Registration of Fraternal Benefit Society Representatives
  • DFS-H2-1105 - Affidavit of Insurance Activity While Not Properly Appointed
  • DFS-H2-1106 - Statement of Governmental Status
  • DFS-H2-1109 - Reduction of Continuing Education Requirement
  • DFS-H2-1124 - Designation of Supervising Agent for Customer Representatives or Limited Customer Representatives
  • DFS-H2-1500 - Limited Surety, Professional Bail Bond Agent Sworn Statement
  • DFS-H2-1509 - Temporary Bail Bond Agent Mandatory Employment Verification
  • DFS-H2-1542 - Statement of Surrender Form
  • DFS-H2-1543 - Temporary Bail Bond Agent Employment Report
  • DFS-H2-1544 - Limited Surety, Professional Bail Bond Agent Appointing Entity Form
  • DFS-H2-1544Term - Limited Surety, Professional Bail Bond Agent Termination of Appointment Form
  • DFS-H2-1564 - Bail Bond Agent Notice of Change of Address
  • DFS-H2-1668 - Certification of Completion
  • DFS-H2-2081 - 4-Hour Law & Ethics CE Course Outline (General)
  • DFS-H2-2083 - Individual Application for Temporary Permit to Operate a Bail Bond Agency
  • DFS-H2-2111 - 4-Hour Law & Ethics CE Course Outline (Bail Bonds)