Test what you know about money by playing a game! Click or tap on a game below to play.

Play the game - Bill Matching

Find the right pair! Click on the cards to match each bill with how much it is worth.

Play the game - Coin Matching

Can you tell which coin goes with which amount? Click on each circle to find the right match.

Play the game - Needs verses Wants

Test what you know about needs and wants! See if you can get all of the answers right.

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Play the game - Peter Pig's Money Counter

Help Peter Pig separate his money, so that he knows how much money he has.

Play the game - Financial Soccer

Play a soccer game and answer some money questions to score!

Play the game - Ed's Bank

Ed wants to go shopping to buy some of his favorite things. Can you help him save money so that he can go to the store?

Play the game - Money Metropolis

Make a character that looks like you and work so that you can earn money to buy the things that you need and want.

Play the game - Financial Soccer

Choose your teams and test your money skills by answering questions to move your team down the field and score touchdowns.