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Agency Readiness Reporting

Agencies must ready their people, processes, technology and data for a successful transition to Florida PALM. Agency readiness progress is reported to the Project through readiness workplan tasks and bimonthly status reports and then summarized on the Agency Status Report Dashboard. The Understanding Your Dashboard document provides an overview of all the Dashboard elements.

Beginning in March 2025, Agencies will provide quarterly Readiness Certification Updates with a final submission of Readiness Certification in November 2025.

Summary of Dashboards

The table below is a real-time, live snapshot of the current readiness dashboard dials for each agency. The status indicators will continually update.

Green indicates the measure is in a positive range, yellow represents the gaps in expected results present an increasing risk to the agency, and red indicates there are significant gaps in expected results that present an elevated risk level for the agency. The columns reflect the four dials on the Agency Status Report Dashboard.

  • CCN Composition reflects the completeness of the agency’s CCN makeup.
  • RW Task Completeness reflects the completeness of the agency’s submission of RW tasks, starting with RW Task 512.
  • RW Task Timeliness reflects the timeliness of the agency’s submission of all RW tasks to date.
  • Project-led Meeting Participation reflects the agency’s attendance at Project-led meetings during the current reporting period.

Agency Bimonthly Status Reports

Agency Readiness Certification

Agencies must certify that they have completed readiness activities across the four critical operational elements: people, processes, technology, and data.  Agency completed and submitted Readiness Certification will be provided to the Executive Steering Committee for review to consider each agency’s readiness as they prepare to vote on Stage Gate 4: Agency Readiness in November 2025.

The readiness activities for Agency Readiness Certification are:

  • RW 593: Update Agency Readiness Certification – March 3 - 28, 2025
  • RW 606: Update Agency Readiness Certification – June 2 - 27, 2025
  • RW 619: Update Agency Readiness Certification – September 2 - 26, 2025
  • RW 628: Submit Agency Readiness Certification – November 3 - 14, 2025