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Bureau of Compliance District Offices

Click on a district below to view contact information for the Compliance field office locations around the State of Florida:


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District 1 Office

District Supervisor: Lynise Beckstrom


Bureau of Compliance
921 N. Davis St.
Building B, Suite 250
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Tel  904-798-5806
Fax 904-353-2101

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District I-A Offices

District Supervisor: Sharon Kelson


Bureau of Compliance
1579 Summit Lake Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32317
Tel 850-413-1609
Fax 850-354-5100

Bureau of Compliance
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-4228

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Bureau of Compliance
600 University Office Blvd., Suite 15A
Pensacola, FL 32504-6251
Tel 850-453-7804
Fax 850-484-5111

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District 2 Office

District Supervisor: Jose Lopez

West Palm Beach

Bureau of Compliance
400 N. Congress Ave, Suite 105
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Tel 561-837-5716
Fax 561-616-1496

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District 3 Office

District Supervisor: Wanda Rivera


Bureau of Compliance
1313 North Tampa Street, Suite 503
Tampa, FL 33602
Tel 813-221-6506
Fax 813-233-3741

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District 4 Office

District Supervisor: Kenneth Kent


Bureau of Compliance
400 W. Robinson Street, North Tower, Suite N512
Orlando, FL 32801-1756
Tel 407-835-4479
Fax 407-999-5570

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District 5 Office

District Supervisor: Scarlett Aldana


Bureau of Compliance
401 N.W. Second Avenue, Suite S-318
Miami, FL 33128-1740
Tel 305-536-0306
Fax 305-377-7239

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District 7 Office

District Supervisor: Maria Seidler

Fort Myers

Bureau of Compliance
4210 Metro Parkway, Suite #130 
Fort Myers, FL 33916
Tel 239-461-4006, Option 3
Fax 239-338-2786

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