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About the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training

The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) is composed of three major sections: Training, Standards, and Firefighter Safety.

As its Training function, the BFST operates the Florida State Fire College (FSFC) located near Ocala, Florida. The FSFC provides extensive training for both paid and volunteer firefighters with subjects ranging from basic fire fighting to advanced arson investigation. FSFC students are trained in life saving, rescue and fire fighting techniques to prepare them for the rigors of actual emergencies. In addition to hosting numerous seminars on fire control, fire equipment, hazardous materials, and fire prevention, the FSFC conducts more than 200 regularly scheduled classes each year, reaching approximately 4,000 students. Also, the FSFC continues to expand upon one of its most important functions: field training, with instructors logging tens of thousands of student hours of instruction each year. In another effort to enhance the quality of training, the FSFC has established an industrial fire training program. This program has forged partnerships between governmental agencies and private businesses. The FSFC is on the leading edge of education and training. Every year, delegations from around the globe visit the facility.

Through its Standards function, the BFST Standards Section governs the many Certified Firefighter Training Centers located throughout the State, ensuring the facilities, the curriculum, and the instructors are within State Statutes and Administrative Code. Firesafety Inspector, Special Firesafety Inspector and nearly a dozen other advanced level competency certifications are offered, with applications, examinations, and renewals being processed, administered, and maintained by the Section Staff. Section Field Representatives administer examinations at the completion of training at the Certified Training Centers for Firefighter II certifications and regionally for Firefighter I certifications. Written certification exams are offered locally around the state through contractual arrangements. The Section also maintains the employment history of all firefighters in the State, as well as administers the Firefighters Supplemental Compensation Program as outlined by State Statute.


The Firefighter Safety and Health section manages the Florida Firefighter OSHA rules, and assists the state's fire services in meeting FFOSHA requirements. The section also provides information about establishing and maintaining safety and health processes and procedures.