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How to Submit a CE or Pre-Licensing Course Application

  1. Go to MyProfile.
  2. Log in or create a Provider account.
  3. Click "apply." A drop down box will open. Select "course" and the course application will appear.
  4. Type in the "name" & "description" of your course. Example: This course will focus on the benefits of Fixed and Variable Annuities.
  5. Select the course type ("Pre-Licensing" or "Continuing Education").
  6. Select the study method: Example: “Classroom.”
  7. Select the course level (Advanced, Basic or Intermediate).
  8. Select the subject area. Example: “214-LV Combo.”
  9. Type any special comments in the comment box at the bottom of page. Example: “Course discusses Fixed and Variable Annuities” Click “Next.”
  10. Select the Course Authority. Example: “CE 2-14 Life and Variable Annuity.” Input the number of requested hours. Example: “10.” Click “Next.”
  11. Click “Attach” to attach outline and documents such as Handouts and Power Points. Type in the file description. Example: “Outline.”
  12. Click “Browse.” Select your file. Click “Attach.” Click “Close.”
  13. Enter credit card information. Click submit.

*If you need assistance in determining what your region number is, please review the region list by county.