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Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services

This site is dedicated to providing accurate information regarding insurance agents, adjusters, limited surety (bail bond) agents, navigators, insurance-related entities, including education providers and instructors. Here you will find everything you need to know about qualifying, how to apply, education requirements, and compliance information.

Licensing The information on this page will help you understand what each license is used for, what the qualifications are for that license, and how to maintain it.
Compliance This site provides consumers and licensees with an overview of the investigative process as performed by the Division's Bureau of Investigation.
Education This page provides information about insurance state examinations, pre-licensing courses, continuing education, as well as information about becoming an insurance course provider or instructor.
Industry Awareness This page is the Division's central location for alerts, bulletins, and other sources including valuable information for agents, adjusters and agencies. Stay up-to-date by checking for Alerts often.