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2022 NAGDCA Leadership Recognition Award

The Florida Deferred Compensation Plan has received the 2022 NAGDCA Leadership Recognition Award in the 'Technology, Interactive Multimedia, & Cybersecurity' category. The award is for the Plan. Save. Retire. page on the Plan's website. Go take a look at the award-winning page!

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Plan Watch 2022 is Here: Featuring an Overview of 2021 and More The Plan Watch Booklet is an annual publication that provides updates on the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan and is a comprehensive source of Florida Deferred Compensation Plan information.
The Informational Videos Section Has a Dedicated Page Check out the Informational Videos on the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan website. The Bureau of Deferred Compensation will, periodically, update the website with new videos, designed to inform employees about the Deferred Compensation Plan.
The most recent Quarterly Performance Report is here!
Quarterly Performance Report: As of September 30, 2022 The most recent Quarterly Performance Report is here! Use this document to view an updated comparison of the various investment options available to Florida Deferred Compensation Plan Participants. Options include Fixed Accounts, Target Date Funds, and Mutual Funds.

The Plan is Improving

After a public procurement process, the Bureau of Deferred Compensation has selected Nationwide, Voya, and AIG (now Corebridge Financial) to continue as Investment Providers in the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan. New information about fees, dedicated Account Representative Teams, and investment products is coming.


Important Information


Every day, we make important decisions that impact the lives of our loved ones. Marriages, divorces, deaths, and births are just a few of the many life events that may lead to a change of beneficiaries. Beneficiary designation with the Florida Deferred Compensation Plan is a quick and easy way to protect those you love.

Simply print, sign, and send a completed Participant Action Form (PAF) to the Bureau of Deferred Compensation via email (DeferredCompensation@MyFloridaCFO.com), fax (850-488-7186), or mail (200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee FL, 32399-0343).


Remember: The Florida Deferred Compensation Plan does not update contact information through People First. 

The Florida Deferred Compensation Plan relies on Participants to update contact information by either directly contacting the Bureau of Deferred Compensation or contacting your Investment Provider(s). It is important to update contact information in case the Bureau or an Investment Provider needs to relay important information about your account or about anything related to the Plan.


Make sure to register on your Investment Provider's website to view valuable information about your account, including total balance, funds allocations, and more. If you have more than one Investment Provider, make sure to register for each Provider's website.


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This website is intended to provide information about the State of Florida's Government Employees Deferred Compensation Plan. It is not intended as investment, legal, or accounting advice. If investment advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. For changes to your account, go to your Investment Provider's website and log in using the ID and password you created for that Investment Provider.