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Billing and Reporting Materials Incorporated by Reference

The following materials describe in detail the medical information health care providers are required to document for reimbursement.

Specifically, the billing rule series, 69L-7, F.A.C., describes the billing information each health care provider type is responsible for reporting to the carrier and how the information is to be reported. The Reference Material Rule series 69L-8, F.A.C., lists the coding reference materials to be used in conjunction with the billing and reporting responsibilities discussed in the billing rule, to properly describe and report services rendered.

This information is made available to assist health care providers in properly reporting and submitting an accurately completed medical claim form to expedite the authorization of medically necessary care, and the timely processing of medical claims for reimbursement.

69L-7 Workers' Compensation Medical Reimbursement and Utilization Review

69L-8 Selected Materials Incorporated by Reference