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Premium Audits

Each self-insurer is required to pay an annual assessment for both the Workers’ Compensation Administration Trust Fund (Section 440.51, F.S.) and the Special Disability Trust Fund (Section 440.49, F.S.). In order to calculate each assessment, the Division must determine the premium a self-insurer would have paid if they had purchased a workers’ compensation policy in lieu of their self-insurance privilege. To determine such a premium, the Division requires each self-insurer to provide Form SI-5 (Payroll Report) annually.

The Division reviews each Form SI-5 (Payroll Report) submitted by a self-insurer and reviews the form to ensure accuracy for both employee classifications and payroll. The Division calculates premium using the current NCCI Basic Manual, NCCI Scopes Manual and the NCCI Experience Rating Plan Manual. If our auditors identify errors in classification codes or inaccurate payroll information, the Division initiates either a classification audit, desk audit, or field audit. You can learn more about the audit process in the links below.

Correct classification codes and accurate payroll reporting are essential to the premium calculation process. Self-insurers who are interested in learning more about the payroll reporting and classification process can participate in quarterly webinars provided by the Division of Workers’ Compensation. You can view information about our quarterly webinars below.

To learn more about a self-insurer’s responsibility to report accurate payrolls and classifications and the related statutes and rules supporting this process, please review the below forms, rules, and statutes.



Florida Statutes:

Premium Audit Training and Education:

  • For Active Self-Insurers
    • Quarterly Webinars
    • Annual Email Notifications, including premium audit education material
    • Annual Phone Calls
  • For New Self-Insurers
    • Welcome Packet
    • Mandatory onsite visit for all new self-insurers within 6 months of self-insurer approval

Types of audits conducted: