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Bureau of Monitoring and Audit

Core Functions

  • Overall monitoring and auditing of carrier performance.
  • Monitoring accuracy of benefit payments; initiating intervention efforts when appropriate.
  • Establishing permanent total cases eligible for Division-paid supplemental benefits.
  • Assessing penalties for late reporting, benefit payments, or medical payments.
  • Providing technical assistance to customers through telephone contacts, training, and audit workshops.
  • Collection, quality control, analysis and reporting of medical data provided under workers' compensation.
  • Establishes and implements the rules, requirements, and processes for electronic reporting of the First Report of Injury, Subsequent Report of Injury and Proof of Coverage forms, using national EDI standardized file formats.

Contact Information

Charlene Miller, Bureau Chief
Carrier Performance and PT Supplemental Payments
Derrick Richardson
(850) 413-1671
Medical Services
Theresa Pugh
(850) 413-1721
Insurer Reporting Services Section (CPS/EDI)
Michelle Carter
(850) 413-1701

Claims EDI -

Proof of Coverage

CPS - M&

Medical EDI -

Division Assigned Numbers -

All requests for Division Assigned Numbers must be in writing (email, fax, or letter) and the following information must be provided: injured worker name; date of accident; reason for request, i.e., pursuant to Administrative Rule 69L-3.003, FAC, the Division Assigned Number is needed to file the First Report of Injury or Illness (or specify other division form); and, name of individual and company name requesting number. If available, please provide the injured worker's date of birth and/or employer name.
Fax Number
(850) 354-5100
Central Office
(850) 413-1608
Central Office mailing address
Bureau of Monitoring & Audit
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4224

Florida Statutory References

  • Section 440.13, Medical services and supplies; penalties for violations; limitations
  • Section 440.15, Compensation for disability
  • Section 440.185, Notice of injury or death; reports; penalties for violations
  • Section 440.20, Time for payment of compensation and medical bills; penalties for late payment
  • Section 440.525, Examination and investigation of carriers and claims-handling entities
  • Section 440.593, Electronic Reporting