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Important Information for NFA Course Sponsors and Instructors

If your organization wishes to sponsor an NFA class in Florida, you must follow the NFA Course Request Procedure.

NFA Course Request Process (is currently being revised - expected completion March 31, 2023)

These forms must be used for ALL NFA Courses offered in the State of Florida.

(Substitutes will not be accepted)

NFA Application (Click this link to access the NFA Application)

  • Make sure that all highlighted fields are filled in legibly by the student.
  • The Course Sponsor must complete Field 22.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to the sponsor.

NFA Course Roster (Click this link to access the Course Roster Template)

  • FCDICE Roster w/grades assigned is preferred.
  • If FCDICE Roster is not available, use the template accessed by the above link.

Course Evaluation

  • Please ask each student to complete / submit the Course Evaluation which can be accessed by the above link.

Instructions: How to Register for an FEMA Student ID#

  • Any NFA Application that does not contain a valid FEMA Student ID # will not be processed.
  • The FCDICE Student Number will not be accepted in place of the NFA Student ID #.

NOTE: Within 3 business days of the NFA Course completion, the NFA Course Sponsor should return the completed NFA Applications, Course Roster and Course Evaluations to the following address for processing:

Bureau of Fire Standards and Training

Attn: Angie Cain

11655 NW Gainesville Road

Ocala, FL 34482-1486