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Legal Issues for Investigators - 45 Hours

Course Description

The curriculum includes a study and understanding of arson and related state statutes, search and seizure guidelines for the fire investigator that include case studies of several applicable supreme court rulings, criminal and/or civil case preparation, courtroom practices and procedures and the qualifications of being an expert witness.  An in depth study on the techniques of interviewing and interrogation.  Student participation in mock trial scenarios and expert witness qualification.  This week is the final to the four week series and material from each of the other weeks are summarized into putting everything together to culminate a successful arson investigation.

This course is required to be taught in a Traditional Classroom Delivery Method.



Additional Information and Instructor Qualifications: 

Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)


Legal issues In Investigations 2021 Printed by FSFC

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Instructor requires a Law Degree and Active Member of FL Bar



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Applicable CEU's (45 hours)

Inspector I

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In-State: $75.00

Out-of-State: $185.00

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