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Direct Program Delivery

This option is designed for individuals, including individuals who currently hold a Fire Investigator I Certificate of Competency previously issued by the Division, to obtain their Fire Investigator Certificate of Competency using the direct program delivery method.  In order to qualify, the applicant shall:

  • Be a certified firefighter, certified law enforcement officer, law enforcement crime scene technician (as evidenced by employment verification), or certified firesafety inspector 
  • Satisfy the program requirement consisting of a minimum of 360 hours of training
  • Meet the requirements for certification
  • Complete the required task book
  • Pass a state written examination by 70% or higher

Required training:

To recognize training that is not listed in a student's profile on FCDICE there is a Course Equivalency Process to determine eligibility.

Fire Investigator Task Book Form DFS-K4-2171 PDF or DFS-K4-2171 Word

Application for Fire Investigator on FCDICE online or by mail Form DFS-K4-1438 PDF | DFS-K4-1438 Word


IMPORTANT:  Additional Information and Instructor Qualifications: 

Florida Statutes (FS)/Florida Administrative Code (FAC)