Division Formal Procurement Postings

The Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation, Purchasing Section, advertises formal procurements on the Department of Management Services’ Vendor Bid System (VBS). The Division may also post advertisements on the Division’s website. Any/all future addendums and public meeting notices related to a formal solicitation will be posted to the VBS or the Division’s website.

To search for a current Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation advertisement for any Formal Solicitations, Agency Decisions, Notices, Public Meeting Notices or Single Sources, please visit the following: VBS Home Page.

Upon accessing the VBS Home Page, select the "Search Advertisements" option, which takes you to another page where there is an Agency drop down box. Select the "Department of Financial Services" and click on the "Advertisement Search" button at the bottom of the page. If you have questions or encounter problems viewing the information, you may contact the Purchasing Section at (850) 413-3952.


Vendor Information

Vendors who want to do business with the Division can take advantage of the many useful tools and information by registering with the Department of Management Services (DMS), MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP). MFMP provides vendors with access to the MFMP sourcing application, training opportunities, and FAQs. The MFMP allows vendors the option of being noticed when procurements are posted that the vendor has the expertise to perform. A link to register as a vendor in Florida is provided:

MyFlorida Market Place Vendor Registration

Registering with MFMP does not guarantee that your company will be awarded a contract. Vendors are encouraged to participate in active procurements even if they are not currently registered with MFMP; however, at the time a contract is executed, the vendor must be registered with MFMP.

Recording of the Request for Information meeting for Special Deputy Receiver held at 1:00 PM on Tuesday August 28, 2018