Service Instructions


Pursuant to section 48.151(1), Florida Statutes; all authorized insurers (insurance companies) registered to do business in the state of Florida are required to designate the Chief Financial Officer of Florida as their Statutory Registered Agent for Service of Process.  These processes (summons and complaint or subpoenas) may be delivered to the Department by personal service, U.S. mail, or via the e-portal. These processes may not be delivered via e-mail. 

When serving insurance companies you must provide the following documents to the Office of the General Counsel, Service of Process Unit: 

  • 2 exact paper copies of the summons bearing the Case # and court validation;
  • 1 paper copy of every piece of paper to be served (Complaint, exhibits, discovery, etc.)
  • If documents are provided on a disc or thumb drive, two discs or drives each with copies of all the documents must be provided.
  • A $15.00 check or money order payable to “Department of Financial Services” or “Chief Financial Officer”, pursuant to Ch. 624.502, FS.

Make certain that the attorney’s name and address are correct and clearly visible on the documents. The proof of service will be returned to the attorney’s name and address as printed on the summons or subpoena. You may wish to include a self-addressed stamped envelope to expedite return of service.


The command line of the summons and the mailing label should read:


As a statutory Registered Agent for service of process to insurance companies, our office will only serve the initial process (Summons and Complaint or Subpoena).  We are not responsible for transmittal of any pre-suit notices or correspondence, nor any subsequent filings, pleadings, and documents following the initial service, unless ordered by the Court pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.080. 

The Notice of Service also provides this disclaimer. Documents received after the initial service will not be forwarded to the insurers nor returned to the sender.

TO: Name of Insurance Company
c/o  Florida Chief Financial Officer as RA
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL   32399-4201

~ OR ~

TO: Name of Insurance Company
c/o Florida Chief Financial Officer as RA
Service of Process Section
PO Box 6200
Tallahassee, FL   32314-6200

Please review all documents to determine the correct legal name of the underwriting company which should appear on the declaration page of the insurance policy. For example, there are several “State Farm” companies registered in Florida, but State Farm and State Farm Insurance Company or Companies are not legal names for any insurers in Florida and thus cannot be served through the Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Office is not required to act as registered agent for insurance agencies or insurance groups. If you are unsure about the correct legal name of the underwriting company, please visit the Secretary of State, Division of Corporations website. 

We welcome a call for assistance at (850) 413-4200, or please visit the Office of Insurance Regulation website to search for an insurer’s name.

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