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Bureau of Fire Standards and Training

Forms Listing




DFS-K4-2022 Application for Lifetime Firefighter Designation - PDF

DFS-K4-2022 Application for Lifetime Firefighter Designation - MSWORD




DFS-K4-1438 Application for Fire Investigator Certification Examination - PDF

DFS-K4-1438 Application for Fire Investigator Certification Examination - MSWORD


DFS-K4-2171    Fire Investigator Taskbook - PDF

DFS-K4-2171    Fire Investigator Taskbook - MSWORD


DFS-K4-2175     Fire Investigator Portfolio - PDF

DFS-K4-2175    Fire Investigator Portfolio - MSWORD




DFS-K4-2191    Florida Fire Service - Needs Assessment - ONLINE ASSESSMENT

DFS-K4-2191    Florida Fire Service - Needs Assessment - PDF


DFS-K4-2174    Application for Firefighter Assistance Grant Program - PDF

DFS-K4-2174    Application for Firefighter Assistance Grant Program - MSWORD




DFS-K4-2138     Health and Safety Officer Task Book - PDF

DFS-K4-2138     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2140     Application for Health & Safety Officer Cerificate of Completion - PDF

DFS-K4-2140     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2139     Incident Safety Officer Task Book - PDF

DFS-K4-2139     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2141     Application for Incident Safety Officer Cerificate of Completion - PDF

DFS-K4-2141     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2142     Application for Safety Officer Certificate of Compliance - PDF

DFS-K4-2142     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


Retention of Firefighter Certification


DFS-K4-2128     Firefighter Retention Skill Assessment Worksheet - PDF

DFS-K4-2128     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)





DFS-K4-1447     Application for Fire Officer One Certification - PDF

DFS-K4-1447     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2106     Fire Officer One Taskbook - PDF

DFS-K4-2106     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1448     Application for Fire Officer Two Certification - PDF

DFS-K4-1448     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2107     Fire Officer Two Task Book - PDF

DFS-K4-2107     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2104     Application for Fire Officer Three - PDF

DFS-K4-2104     (MSWORD - Fillable Form) 


DFS-K4-2108     Fire Officer Three Portfolio Workbook - PDF

DFS-K4-2108     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2105    Application for Fire Officer Four - PDF

DFS-K4-2105    (MSWORD - Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-2109     Fire Officer Four Portfolio Workbook - PDF

DFS-K4-2109     (MSWORD - Fillable Form)





DFS-K4-2148     Confined Space Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2148     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2149     Confined Space Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2149     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2150     Rope Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2150     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2151     Rope Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2151     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2152     Structural Collapse Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2152     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2153     Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2153     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2154     Trench Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2154     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2155     Trench Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2155     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2156     Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Operations (PDF)

DFS-K4-2156     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2157     Vehicle Machinery Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

DFS-K4-2157     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)


DFS-K4-2161     FLUSAR Rescue Specialist Certificate of Completion Application (PDF)

DFS-K4-2161     (MSWORD - Fillible Form)



MISCELLANEOUS FORMS (in numerical order)


DFS-K4-1020 Personal Inquiry Waiver

DFS-K4-1022 Medical Examination to Determine Fitness for Firefighter Training

DFS-K4-1023 Application for Firesafety Inspector I Certification Examination

DFS-K4-1026 Roster of Students


DFS-K4-1028 Verification of Training Hours (Firefighter 1)

DFS-K4-1028 MS WORD Format


DFS-K4-1032 Notice of Employment as a Firefighter

DFS-K4-1033 Notice of Termination of Employment as a Firefighter

DFS-K4-1035 Florida State Fire College Course and Dormitory Registration Form

DFS-K4-1038 Release and Waiver of Liability


DFS-K4-1055 Firefighter Supplemental Compensation Program Notice of Ineligibility

DFS-K4-1055 (Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1056 Application for Re-Entry Into Firefighters Supplemental Compensation                        Program

DFS-K4-1056 (Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1057 Application for Initial Entry Into the Firefighters Supplemental                        Compensation Program

DFS-K4-1057 (Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1065 Quarterly Report/Firefighter Supplemental Compensation

DFS-K4-1065 (Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1308 Application for Practical Examination for Retention of Firefighter                        Certification

DFS-K4-1309 Firefighter Equivalency Examinations Requirements - Under Review

DFS-K4-1390 Application for Special Certificate of Compliance

DFS-K4-1442 Request for Upgrade from Associate Level to Bachelor Level

DFS-K4-1442 (Fillable Form)


DFS-K4-1446 Application for Firesafety Inspector II Certification Examination

DFS-K4-1449 Firefighter Minimum Standards Grade Release Roster

DFS-K4-1450 Important Information About Retesting and Certification Renewal

DFS-K4-1451 Application for Instructor I Certification

DFS-K4-1452 Application for Instructor II Certification

DFS-K4-1453 Application for Instructor III Certification

DFS-K4-1454 Instructor Certification Requirements

DFS-K4-1455 Application for Single Course Exemption Instructor Certification

DFS-K4-1456 Application for Fire & Lifesafety Educator Certification Examination

DFS-K4-1457 Application for Fire Apparatus Pump Operator Certification            Examination         (MSWORD)           (PDF)

DFS-K4-1463 Certification Renewal Application (Inspector/Instructor)

DFS-K4-1565 OSHA Record keeping (Links to Excel Spreadsheet)

DFS-K4-1566 Notice of Violations (MSWORD)    (PDF)

DFS-K4-1568 Log/Summary of Occupational Injuries, Diseases and Illnesses

DFS-K4-1569 Instructions for Completing the Fire Service Casualty Report

DFS-K4-2085 Application for Fire Code Administrator Certification

DFS-K4-2085 (MSWord)


HAZMAT           Application for Validation Version of HAZMAT Tech Certification

                         Examination and Verification of Training by Fire Chief Forms


EXTEXAMAPP Application for Portable Fire Extinguisher Examination