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Gallagher to Floridians: Look for Lost Property This Holiday Season


CONTACT:  Justin Glover or Nina Banister   
(850) 413-2842
TALLAHASSEE – Would discovering lost cash or property be a welcome surprise this holiday season?  Florida's Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher is inviting Floridians to find out if the state is holding cash or valuables that could rightfully belong to them.
To search for unclaimed property, Floridians should log on to or call 1-88-VALUABLE, Gallagher said.
"Check to see if you or a loved one may be entitled to claim lost treasure," Gallagher said.  "Finding a little extra cash to spend or save could really brighten your holiday season."
The Department of Financial Services is responsible for property turned over to the state when owners cannot be found. A majority of cash and items held by the state come from abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes in Florida banks and credit unions. In addition, cash may be available from utility deposits, insurance refunds and stock payments. Florida law requires financial institutions to remit property that is unclaimed to the state after three years.

"The state is currently holding nearly more than five million accounts valued at nearly $1.1 billion," Gallagher said.  "These accounts are waiting to be claimed by Floridians, and no fee is ever charged to collect."

Property that is valuable, such as jewelry, coin collections or antiques, is typically held by the state for two to three years, after which it is auctioned.  The proceeds are held indefinitely until the owner is found and able to collect.  
Funds turned over to the state and money collected from auctioning valuable items are deposited into the State School Trust Fund, a trust fund managed by the Department of Education benefiting Florida's schools. Many schools have used those dollars to fund reading and mentoring initiatives as well as to buy needed supplies, Gallagher added.
Unclaimed property is always available for Floridians to claim at any time.  To find out if cash or property is being held by the state for you, or if you are an heir to unclaimed property, log on to and enter your information into the easy-to-use online claim form.  Floridians may also call our toll-free number at 1-88-VALUABLE.  Claims are processed as quickly as possible, with most paid within 60 days.