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Top 10 Consumer Scams of 2019

Each year scammers improve their tactics by familiarizing themselves with current consumer trends and making use of emerging technologies. In 2019, cryptocurrency became a topic of major interest for consumers and scammers alike. The buzz surrounding this exciting new digital currency helped it become the second riskiest scam of the year. 

In order to combat scammers, it is important to promote awareness of the top scams targeting consumers each year. The fight against fraud also relies heavily on consumer feedback. Each scam reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides valuable data that is used to acquire information that will help inform and protect other consumers.

Browse the Better Business Bureau website for their list of Top 10 Riskiest Scams of 2019 in the 2019 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report.

Be alert and protect your personal and financial information by visiting our Consumer Alerts page for information and also view our list of common Fraud & Scams.

Top 3 Scams for Seniors 55-64 Years of Age
  1. Romance Scams
  2. Investment Scams
  3. Home Improvement

Top 3 Scams for Seniors 65+

  1. Travel/Vacation/Timeshare
  2. Home Improvement
  3. Romance

Visit our Operation S.A.F.E. (Stop Adult Financial Exploitation) site to browse the scams that specifically target seniors.