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As the IRS accesses certain banks for audits and investigations, Florida law would mandate that the state chartered banks must report IRS activity. The information would be used by Floridians to assess how citizens of this state are being targeted by the IRS, and the reports would be made available to respective Congressional committees that provide oversight of the IRS. This information would be used to identify IRS targets and assess their frequency and intensity. As the Tea Party was targeted by the IRS in 2013, creating a Transparency Site for individuals, private businesses or non-profits to report evidence of discrimination by IRS operatives would help Florida identify patterns of discrimination where specific agents are targeting certain political causes.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that all complaints and supporting documentation sent to the Department through the Florida IRS Transparency Portal become public records under Florida law. If a public records request, subpoena, or other legal demand is made for your records, the Department may be required to provide some or all of the records. The Department will comply with all applicable confidentiality laws, including sections 119.071(5)(a)5. and 192.105, Florida Statutes, to redact exempt and/or confidential and exempt information. Any reports identifying patterns of discrimination or targeting made available to Congressional committees that oversee the IRS will only contain redacted information of Florida taxpayers.