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Uniform Elevator Keys

Uniform Elevator Keys are required for all new and existing elevators installed in buildings of six stories or more in height. Uniform elevator keys provide emergency access to responding fire service personnel in the event of an emergency within the building. Each uniform elevator key is distinct for each of Florida's seven emergency response regions. You may access a list of the counties within each region by reviewing rule chapter 69A-47.015, Florida Administrative Code. This information is also depicted on the Florida Division of Emergency Management Area Map.

Compliance Date for Existing Buildings is October 1, 2009

Florida Statutes, Chapter 399.15  Regional emergency elevator access.

(1) In order to provide emergency access to elevators:

(a) For each building in this state which is six or more stories in height, including, but not limited to, hotels and condominiums, on which a building permit is issued after September 30, 2006, all of the keys for elevators that allow public access, including, but not limited to, service and freight elevators, must be keyed so as to allow all elevators within each of the seven state emergency response regions to operate in fire emergency situations with one master elevator key.

(b) Any building in this state which is six or more stories in height and has undergone "substantial improvement" as defined in s. 161.54(12) must also comply with paragraph (a).

(2) Each existing building in this state which is six or more stories in height must comply with subsection (1) before October 1, 2009.

(3) In addition to elevator owners, owners’ agents, elevator contractors, state-certified inspectors, and state agency representatives, master elevator keys may be issued only to the fire department and may not be issued to any other emergency response agency. A person may not duplicate a master elevator key for issuance to, or issue such a key to, anyone other than authorized fire department personnel. Each master elevator key must be marked “DO NOT DUPLICATE.”

(4) As an alternative to complying with the requirements of subsection (1), each building in this state which is required to meet the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) may instead provide for the installation of a uniform lock box that contains the keys to all elevators in the building allowing public access, including service and freight elevators. The uniform lock box must be keyed to allow all uniform lock boxes in each of the seven state emergency response regions to operate in fire emergency situations using one master key. The master key for the uniform lock shall be issued in accordance with subsection (3). The Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department of Financial Services shall enforce this subsection.

Please contact your local fire official for information on compliance with the Elevator Key requirements above

An Applicant for a Uniform Elevator Key must:

1) Complete Part 1 and Part II of Form DFS-K3-1660

2) Mail the completed form to one of the authorized vendors.


Upon receipt of the completed applications and payment to the vendor for the cost of each key to be issued, the authorized vendor will issue to the applicant the requested keys for the region of the applicant's physical Florida address. If an applicant requests a key for a region that is not consistent with its physical Florida address, the applicant must attach an explanation for obtaining the key. A separate application shall be submitted for each separate regional key(s).

All keys will be issued in accordance with the provisions of Rule Chapter 69A-47.016 and must be maintained in strict compliance with this Rule.