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Loss Prevention Section

Training The Division of Risk Management trains agency safety coordinators on how to perform their duties, as required by section 284.50, Florida Statutes.
Program Evaluations The Division of Risk Management is required by section 284.50, Florida Statutes, to conduct an evaluation of each state agency's and state-run university's risk management program on a five-year cycle. Evaluations are based on the statutory requirements of agency safety coordinators and risk management personnel, as well as leading industry best practices in risk management.
Interagency Advisory Council on Loss Prevention The Interagency Advisory Council is comprised of safety coordinators from each Florida agency and university. Meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis to discuss statewide loss prevention issues—such as safety problems within state government—to attempt to find solutions for these problems, and, when possible, assist in the implementation of the solutions.
Consultative Services The Division of Risk Management offers loss prevention consultative services to state agencies and universities.
Safety & Loss Prevention Outlook This quarterly newsletter is a great source of safety & loss prevention information from both public & private contributors.

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