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Excellence Award for Occupational Safety and Loss Prevention

The Interagency Advisory Council on Loss Prevention (IAC) Excellence Award for Occupational Safety and Loss Prevention has been established for the recognition of state of Florida employees, agents, and volunteers who make exceptional contributions to the reduction and control of employment-related accidents. Agency safety coordinators shall submit the signed nomination form via email to the Division of Risk Management (the Division) on behalf of their agency one week prior to an upcoming quarterly IAC meeting. Decisions to approve the nominations will be made by IAC members during the IAC discussion.

Upon approval, Division personnel will procure a plaque, trophy, or acrylic award as indicated upon the nomination form and ensure delivery to the agency/university safety coordinator.

Award Options

Per section 284.50(2), Florida Statutes, the necessary expenses for the administration of this program of recognition shall be considered an authorized administrative expense payable from the State Risk Management Trust Fund. Each state agency and university will be allowed an annual allotment of $200.00 for the procurement of awards through this nomination process. This allotment is to be provided each fiscal year, beginning with fiscal year 2016-2017. If the allotted funds are not utilized by the agency/university within the fiscal year, the remaining funds will no longer be available for use in the procurement of awards. A new allotment will be provided to each agency/university at the start of each fiscal year.

The following are criteria to be met upon nomination.

  • If the nominee is not primarily responsible for health and safety programs, the safety coordinator or alternate safety coordinator shall submit the nomination. If the nomination is for the safety coordinator, the safety coordinator’s supervisor shall be the nominator for the award, and shall submit the nomination by email to the Division.
  • The nominee will have made an exceptional contribution to the reduction and control of employment-related accidents, to be demonstrated with supporting documentation.
  • The nominee will have performed the action during their daily scheduled hours. Supporting documentation should include a summary of the actions performed, including a justification of how the actions provided an exceptional contribution.
In addition to agency/university recognition of approved nominees, award recipients will be recognized in the Division’s Safety & Loss Prevention Outlook newsletter.