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K-9 Retirement

ADC Booker Retirement
ADC Booker

ADC Booker's career began in August 2014, when she was certified as a team along with Det. Batz at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy through Maine Specialty Dogs. She has been to approximately 790 fire call outs over her career, and assisted with approximately a half dozen major cases. She provided testimony through Det. Batz in several other cases, including double and triple homicide cases in which the defendant was found guilty. She has served her region for over 8 and a half years, attending local events and visiting schools and colleges, where she is beloved and always asked to return. After retirement, ADC Booker will live with Det. Batz as a valued member of his family.

ADC Fresca Retirement
ADC Fresca

On June 9th, 2022, BFAEI Accelerant Detection Canine Fresca will retire after nearly a decade of outstanding service to the Division and the citizens of the State of Florida. In 2014, Fresca started her law enforcement career in the Northeast Region, Jacksonville Field Office with her teammate, Lieutenant David Young. Over the next 8 years, this hardworking team responded to over eleven hundred fire scenes throughout the state. When Fresca wasn't fighting arson, she was bringing joy and education to students at schools and public demonstrations, providing comfort to families at memorials, and representing DIFS and its Canine Program at the Capitol. During their career, the duo tirelessly traveled long distances at all hours of the day and night to assist their fellow detectives without hesitation. Fresca will enjoy a much-deserved retirement, living her best life at home with Lieutenant Young and family. We are truly grateful to Fresca and Lieutenant Young for a job well done!

EDC Bella

Explosives Detection Canine Bella retired on November 27, 2017, after 6 years of dedicated service to the Bureau of Fire & Arson Investigations. EDC Bella and her partner, Detective Monty Taylor, served in the Tampa, Florida area. Bella conducted over hundreds of sweeps over the course of her career including Amtrak, The Republican National Convention, and assisting various other agencies across the state. Bella was originally a rescue from a Miami shelter, but found a home with the BFAI and her partner. EDC Bella completed an extensive 13 week training program with the assistance from the Tampa Police Department's K-9 Unit. Bella and her handler also completed the Explosives Detection Canine Team certification through the nationally recognized North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).

ADC Molly

Accelerant Detection Canine Molly retired on July 1, 2013, after 8 years of dedicated service to the Bureau of Fire & Arson Investigations. ADC Molly's partner was Detective Andy Redding and they served in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

ADC Misty

Accelerant Detection Canine Misty retired April 1, 2011, after six years of dedicated service. ADC Misty began her career with BFAI in April of 2005. On her third day on the job, she assisted in an arrest of a man after he set his daughter’s house on fire and fled into the woods. ADC Misty made several alerts inside the house and when the suspect was found, several alerts were made on his socks and shoes. The suspect was arrested for domestic violence and later confessed to the arson. ADC Misty averaged over 100 canine assists each year including 27 out-of-region assists in Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, Bartow, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

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