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Bureau of Fire, Arson, and Explosives Investigations

The Bureau of Fire, Arson & Explosives Investigations is a law enforcement branch of the Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. The sworn law enforcement and nonsworn personnel within the Bureau perform functions within the criminal justice system. The core missions of the personnel within the Bureau include detection, investigation, apprehension and prosecution of offenders of arson and explosive related crimes. The Bureau also works to enhance investigations and prosecutions and to deter arson and explosive related crimes through education and training.

The Bureau is divided into two operational districts: District One and District Two. District One is comprised of the Northwest and Northeast regions where District Two is comprised of the North Central, South Central and South regions. These five regions respond to requests for service and provide investigative support to fire, police, citizens and visitors of Florida. The Bureau also supports the Division’s Special Operations EOD and K-9 units.

During 2017, the Bureau received more than 3,824 new requests for investigative assistance from city, county, state and federal agencies in addition to private citizens. The Bureau investigated incidents with an estimated property loss of nearly $137 million. Of this estimated loss, approximately $21 million was attributed to arson. As a result of those investigations, the Bureau made arrests in 393 cases with 444 defendant arrests.

Due to fire and arson investigations being complex, arduous and inherently dangerous in nature, the Bureau does not investigate every fire that occurs within the state of Florida. However, upon request, Bureau officers are available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to investigate fires and explosion-related incidents.

We are working harder than ever to ensure those responsible for arson are apprehended and prosecuted. If you have any information regarding a suspected arson, we encourage residents to report Arson Tips through the Arson Tip Hotline at 1-877-NO-ARSON (662-7766). Any information leading to a successful arrest and prosecution may be eligible for a cash reward

Report Suspected Arson for Florida 1-877-662-7766 or


Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention