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Welcome to the Division of Investigative & Forensic Services

Serving and safeguarding the public and businesses operating in the
State of Florida against acts of fraud, arson and the misuse of state funds.


The Division of Investigative and Forensic Services encompasses all law enforcement and forensic components residing within the Department of Financial Services. With this broad responsibility, the division investigates a wide range of fraudulent and criminal acts including:

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations
  • Fire, Arson, and Explosives Investigations
  • Theft/Misuse of State Funds
  • Fire and Explosives Sample Analysis

Click on a bureau below to learn more about its mission(s) and how it investigates and pursues multiple types of crime. You can also visit the Publications and Resources page to download statistical reports, newsletters, and consumer guides which will help you understand how to identify different kinds of fraud and protect you and your loved ones.

Crimes like insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, arson and the theft/misuse of state funds increase your insurance and other costs. Help us find and stop criminals who try to take advantage of the system.


For information regarding Division of Investigative & Forensic Services Public Records Requests, please visit our DIFS Public Records Unit page.


Insurers/SIUs – Due to the 2017 legislative changes to the anti-fraud statute (626.9891, F.S.), changes to administrative Rule 69D-2 are in the approval process. As of September 1, 2017, a new anti-fraud plan form (L1-1689) will be available @ https://antifraudportal.fldfs.com/

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