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Works Training Materials

Navigation Training is designed to help each user, regardless of their role, become more familiar with the layout and functionalities of Works.  
Roles: All

Accountholder – Processing a Transaction is a brief demonstration of how an Accountholder will process a PCard transaction in Works.
Roles: Accountholder, Accountant

Approver Training demonstrates how an Approver will review and approve a transaction in Works.
Role: Supervisor/Approver

Accountant Training is designed to help Accountants learn how to review and close a transaction, as well as things to consider during review.
Role: Accountant

Dividing a Transaction is a brief demonstration of how to divide a PCard transaction so that different GL Codes can be applied to portions of the total transaction amount.
Roles: Accountholder, Accountant

Attaching and Maintaining Documentation demonstrates how to attach documentation to a transaction, and how to store a receipt in Works.
Roles: Accountholder, Supervisor/Approver, Accountant

Reports Training is designed to familiarize each role with the Reports functionality in Works. 
Roles: Accountant, Auditor, Scoped Administrator

Training Videos