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Division Director

Julius Halas

Assistant Division Director

Melvin Stone

200 East Gaines Street,
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0322



OPERATION DISPATCH     Operation Dispatch LOGO

"Smoothing the way for military firefighters to become certified Florida Firefighters" 

Check out the Operation Dispatch video HERE  

  • Military service members and veterans share the discipline, education and experience that’s integral to becoming part of Florida’s firefighting community.


  • OPERATION DISPATCH allows our military veterans the opportunity to apply comparative experience-based training to fulfill certification requirements to continue protecting the safety and well-being of those in our communities.


  • Designed to attract military service members and veterans to Florida, OPERATION DISPATCH cuts out redundant training so military-trained firefighters take 40 hours of training specific to Florida standards.


  • OPERATION DISPATCH allows these dedicated men and women to continue meaningful and long-lasting careers in the Florida fire service industry.


Through partnerships forged with the Florida Departments of Veterans’ and Military Affairs, OPERATION DISPATCH reduces the costs associated with the Florida-specific training and testing to military firefighters. The program also allows participants to take the certification exam in a more timely fashion than the regularly-scheduled quarterly administrations, which upon successful completion helps newly-certified firefighters enter Florida’s workforce faster.

If you are a current military service member or veteran and would like more information on OPERATION DISPATCH, call or e-mail the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training at:

(352) 369-2800 ask for Michael Blum OperationDispatch@MyFloridaCFO.com


CLICK HERE to view a document showing the path that a

DoD Firefighter can take to become a Florida Firefighter!