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Bureau of Fire Prevention

Regulatory Licensing

The Regulatory Licensing Section is responsible for enforcing all laws relating to the licensing and regulation of the following industries: Fire Equipment, Engineered Fire Protection Systems, Explosives and Sparklers.

With this responsibility, the section issues licenses and certificates to all companies and individuals engaged in business in this state as:

  • Fire Equipment Dealers and Service Technicians
  • Fire Protection System Contractors & Water Based Inspectors
  • Explosive Manufacturers, Dealers, Users and Blasters
  • Construction Mining Industry.
  • Sparklers

In addition, this section also registers firms and individuals who manufacture, distribute and sell (wholesale and retail) sparklers which have been approved by the State Fire Marshal.

On this page you can learn about the laws and regulations (rules), download applications for your industry and find out other important information to keep you and your business in compliance with Florida Law.


Please use the following email address if submitting Certificate of Insurance (COI) for licensed Fire Equipment Dealers or Fire Protection System Contractors.


Access the Public Portal


Safety Program Manager: Catherine Thrasher

Industry Statutes

Fire Protection Systems Contractor
633.318 F.S. | 69A-46 F.A.C.

Fire Equipment Dealer
633.304 F.S. | 69A-21 F.A.C.

552 F.S. | 69A-2 F.A.C.

Construction Mining
552 F.S. | 69A-2 F.A.C.

791 F.S. | 69A-50 F.A.C.


Industry Applications

Fire Equipment Dealer

Fire Equipment Dealer License
Fire Equipment Dealer Permit
Fire Equipment Dealer Halon Exemption Affidavit

Sparkler Industry Certificates

Sparkler Registration (Retailer)
Sparkler Registration (Seasonal)
Sparkler Registration (Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler)

Construction Mining

Construction Mining Activity Renewal Construction Mining Activity
Mine Activity Clearinghouse  

Explosives Industry

State Explosive License Blasting in Florida
State Explosive Permit Construction Mining Bond Report
Blasting Activities Report Notice of Planned Use of Explosive

Fire Protection Systems Contractor

Fire Protection System Contractor Water Based Inspector Permit

CEU Requirement Information

Fire Protection System Contractor and Fire Equipment Dealer Industries

Sparkler/Firework Industry Information

List of Approved Sparklers Fireworks and Sparkler Enforcement


Pyrotechnic Displays Forms

Detonation Plot and Fallout Radius Permit Application for Use
Owner's Authorization Running Order and Description
Authorization for Display in State Facility Show Schedule and Location


Outdoor Fireworks Display Forms

Detonation Plot and Fallout Radius Running Order and Description
Owner's Authorization Show Schedule and Location
Fireworks/Sparkler Inventory  




Regulatory Staff
Phone Number
Fire Equipment Dealer
(850) 413 - 3622
Fire Protection Systems Contractors
(850) 413 - 3628
Construction Mining & Explosives
(850) 413 - 3743
Sparkler Industry Certificates
(850) 413 - 3623
Fire Protection Systems Contractors
(850) 413 - 3643
Senior Clerk
(850) 413 - 3610


Contact Us:
Phone: (850) 413-3610
Email: fire.prevention@myfloridacfo.com
Regulatory Licensing
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Division of State Fire Marshal
200 E. Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0342