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Next Major Implementation

Visit the Florida PALM Implementation Benefits and Planning page to learn more about the approach for the next major implementation, including steps to go-live, an interactive timeline of agency activities, and information on how you can begin your journey, today.

This information is valuable for agency leadership, functional and technical system owners, subject matter experts, and end users.

Project Timeline

In July 2021, the state went live with its first major implementation of Florida PALM (CMS Wave), replacing its legacy Cash Management System (CMS) which supported its treasury and cash management functions. The following timeline outlines the planned activities and timeframe to replace the state’s remaining accounting and reporting components of FLAIR in the next major implementation. With this major implementation, Florida PALM will replace the functions performed by Central FLAIR, Departmental FLAIR, PYRL, and Information Warehouse.

  • Financials, Payroll, and Data Warehouse will be implemented at one time in January 2026
  • All agencies will transition together
  • Agencies will have significant time to test and practice specific transactions before go-live in a dedicated testing environment (UAT)
  • The Florida PALM production sandbox will continue to be a copy of the current production environment and will be updated in January 2026 for this major implementation
  • Dedicated hypercare and post-implementation support will be available following implementation to ensure stabilization of business operations
  • To hear more about the timeline, listen to Episode 10: Implementation Readiness and Timeline PALMcast featuring a conversation with Steven Fielder, Jimmy Cox, and Angie Robertson