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The Project strives to reach the growing stakeholder community by sharing timely updates and resources that are needed for a transition from FLAIR to Florida PALM, while operating in the current production system. Project messaging is focused on the current and upcoming Project and agency activities and is reiterated through multiple channels. The most common includes email (direct recipients and subscribers), website resources/notifications, monthly agency touchpoints, monthly status reports, PALMcast recordings, and all-agency / topic specific meetings.

Project messaging is triggered by a few things such as tasks in the Project Schedule, tasks in the Readiness Workplan, Proviso requirements, production-related events or occurrences, and agency feedback. A planning tool (i.e., communications calendar) and standard operating procedures are used to plan, track, and measure communications.

Communications focus on a particular audience based on their similarities and needs, but the Project knows the importance of stakeholders being aware and involved in multiple areas of the transition. Therefore, the Project provides several methods for staying engaged and ‘in the know’.

  • Subscribe to Project communications. Select to receive emails for production or implementation categories, or both.
  • Review the Project Correspondence (below); a collection of prior communications. Sort by date, subject, category, or audience.
  • Watch or listen to the recordings published on the website. Executive Steering Committee meetings, Town Halls, and Tuesday Task Talks are recorded for sharing and re-review.
  • Listen to PALMcast recordings for information from the Project team and other stakeholders.
  • Participate in meetings to learn more. Check out the Meetings & Workshops calendar.
  • Talk to your Agency Liaison about joining their distribution list of internal Florida PALM communications.

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Agency Sponsor Scoop

The Florida PALM Executive Director communicates Project news with Agency Sponsors via Sponsor Scoop newsletters. Get the scoop and stay in touch with the information your Agency Sponsor receives on implementation news, upcoming meetings, calls to action, and readiness activities. 

Find Project Correspondence

Easily locate previous communications sent by the Florida PALM Project. You can sort the columns to reference information quickly, find old emails with links/information, cross-reference or train team members, or simply be curious.

Florida PALM Project Correspondence

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