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The Prologue to the Florida PALM Story illustrates the history and legacy of Florida Accounting and Information Resource (FLAIR) and Cash Management System (CMS) systems. Take a step back in time, to the beginning of our story.

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The Florida PALM Story presents the State of Florida’s journey to replace the State’s accounting and cash management systems. This transformation begins with the State’s current systems, FLAIR and CMS, and moves through the implementation of a new, modern financial management solution (FMS).

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The Florida PALM Project is a multiyear endeavor to replace the State’s accounting and cash management software applications with a modern financial management solution (FMS). The Florida PALM Project is currently organized in three parts or “phases”:

  1. Pre-DDI – This initial phase (the Pre-Design, Development and Implementation or “Pre-DDI” phase) includes planning for DDI readiness, business process standardization, and procurement of the financial management software solution.
  2. DDI Phase 1 – This phase will implement the financial management software solution focusing on core functionality (functionality currently performed by Central FLAIR, Departmental FLAIR, Information Warehouse, and selected CMS functions).
  3. Future DDI Phases – Subsequent phases beyond what is defined for DDI Phase 1 (e.g., transition from Grant Accounting to full Grant Management functionality) will include the implementation of the remaining functionality necessary to meet the solution goals.

Since the Project inception in 2014, the Florida PALM Project has leveraged the FLAIR Study and General Appropriations Act (HB-5001 (2014), SB 2500-A (2015) HB 5001 (2016) and supporting implementation bills to establish the Florida PALM Project’s scope and implementation strategies for Pre-DDI. The Florida PALM Project also created strategy related documents that helped formulate a more comprehensive understanding on the results needed for Pre-DDI. The list below communicates the Florida PALM Project’s implementation priority and Track responsibility during Pre-DDI.

  1. The Business Process Standardization (BPS) Track has been responsible for business process standardization activities and creating functional requirements for the financial management solution.
  2. The Organizational Change Management (OCM) Track has been responsible for developing and executing change management strategies in preparation for the new financial management solution.
  3. The Project Management Office (PMO) Track has been responsible for developing and executing project management strategies and responsible for the procurement activities to acquire support services and the new financial management solution.
  4. The Systems and Data Strategy (SDS) Track has been responsible for developing and executing technical strategies for the new financial management solution.

The Florida PALM Project is under the direction of the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) and the State of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). DFS serves as the owner of both Florida Accounting Information Resources (FLAIR) and Cash Management System (CMS), and these systems are part of the Florida Financial Management Information System (FFMIS) created under  Section 215.93, Florida Statute.

More information about the Florida PALM Project’s Organization and Governance Structure can be found by selecting the appropriate button below.

Project Organization

The Florida PALM Project is organized into four workstreams (Tracks) that are staffed to simultaneously support the mission of the Project.

Project Governance

The Governance structure of the Florida PALM Project is comprised of the Executive Steering Committee, the State CFO, and other resources.

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