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The Treasury operates a cash management system; administers the receipt and disbursement of state moneys; invests excess funds and pays all state obligations as directed by the Division of Accounting & Auditing. The Treasury also operates a large collateral management program to protect the financial assets pledged by entities doing business in the state or with the state. Lastly, the Division manages a supplemental retirement program for State and other public sector employees.

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  • Director Bert Wilkerson

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Bureau Chief: Kandi Winters

Bureau of Deferred Compensation

The Deferred Compensation Program provides a method for employees to supplement retirement income by contributing to a variety of investment products on a tax-deferred basis with pre-tax dollars.

Bureau Chief: Ken Lee

Bureau of Collateral Management

The Bureau of Collateral Management specializes in the management, control and reporting of regulatory collateral deposits required of various entities by state agencies and governmental units as a condition of doing business in Florida. Collateral Management also administers the "Florida Security for Public Deposits Act", a statewide program insuring that public deposits of the state and governmental units are protected from loss due to failure of a financial institution.

Bureau Chief: Melisa Hevey

Bureau of Funds Management

The Bureau of Funds Management operates a cash management system to speed the flow of funds into the Treasury, performs standard treasury functions such as operating a statewide deposit concentration system and receipts and payments posting systems. In addition, the Bureau manages a fixed income investment operation for both General Revenue and Trust Funds in the Treasury and funds of organizations participating in the Special Purpose Investment Program.