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The Director's Office supervises the bureaus of Personnel Management, General Services, Financial & Support Services and the Office of Budgeting, coordinating administrative support to the Department of Financial Services. The division develops and coordinates all activities related to financial matters, providing personnel services; mail services; printing services; purchasing services; security, employee safety and emergency evacuation; employee awards programs; telephone receptionist; facilities acquisition; maintenance and renovation; recycling; and parking.


  • Director Stephanie Iliff

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Bureaus and Offices

Bureau Chief: Donna Vollertsen

Bureau of General Services

The Bureau of General Services serves all employees in the Department of Financial Services and is comprised of the Property Management Office, Mail Services, Printing, and Purchasing Services. Purchasing responsibilities include solicitation, evaluation, and awarding Invitations to Bid/Request for Proposals, and the issuance of purchase orders for both commodities and contractual services. This bureau is also responsible for the Agency's emergency evacuation, property and related records, maintains storage and record keeping of property, building receptionist, credit card issuance, mail room deliveries and collections, duplicating, network color copying, printing envelopes, letterhead paper, numerous department booklets and brochures, bindery, trim, collating, and tabbing.

Bureau Chief: Mike Alexander

Bureau of Financial & Support Services

The Bureau of Financial and Support Services provides the central support services in the area of revenue, disbursement and payroll. The Disbursements Section maintains and disburses the Agency's payroll, vendor invoices, and reimbursements to departmental employees and non-employees for travel expenses. The Receipts Section ensures all monies collected by the Agency are properly identified and posted.

Bureau Chief: Beatriz Caballero

Bureau of Human Resource Management

To provide leadership, expertise and consultation in the development, maintenance and enhancement of a contemporary human resource program, in cooperation with the People First Initiative, and to promote the hiring and retention of a qualified, productive workforce representative of the labor market by ethnic background and gender; simplify and/or streamline processes; meet the needs of our customers in a flexible and responsive manner; and continually strive to enhance services provided by the Bureau.

Director: Teri Madsen

Office of Budgeting

The Office of Budgeting is responsible for the preparation, administration, monitoring of the Agency's Annual Legislative Budget Request (LBR) and any legislative proposals.

Director: Pamela Griffis

Office of Publications

The Office of Publications is dedicated to excellence in the Department's internal and external communications, maintaining the highest quality standards in writing, design and production, with a clearly recognizable brand.