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Workers' Compensation

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Protect Yourself

  • Compliance Proof of Coverage - Query page for a database showing employers' proof of compliance for carrying workers' compensation insurance.
    Workers Compensation
  • Compliance Stop Work Orders - Database of employers that have been served a Stop Work Order, usually for non-compliance with Florida's workers' compensation laws.
    Workers Compensation

Protect Yourself continued

  • Policies Search Page - Find employers whose workers' compensation insurance policies are becoming effective or are about to expire.
    Workers Compensation
  • Injured Employee? - Information and education for injured workers.
    Workers Compensation
  • Am I covered? - Workers' compensation requirements for employers doing business in the state of Florida.
    Workers Compensation

Report Fraud

  • Non-compliance Referrals - Report an employer that you suspect is violating the workers’ compensation coverage requirements
    Workers Compensation