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State Employees

Deferred Compensation

Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit - Banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions are eligible to accept such deposits
    Accounting & Auditing

Fraud in Florida

  • File a Complaint - File a complaint with the Inspector General. State employees who blow the whistle on fraud and abuse within state government are protected by law.
    Chief Financial Officer

Injured on the Job

  • All About Workers' Comp - We provide workers’ compensation coverage to approximately 202,487 state employees, volunteers, and other statutorily mandated persons
    Risk Management


Payroll Services

  • Employee's Information Center - Make inquiries about your payroll information, W-4 information, reimbursements (i.e. travel and flexible benefits) and verify yourself for tuition waiver.
    Accounting & Auditing

Saving for Retirement

  • OPS Social Security Alternative Plan - Information on the OPS investment plan through Bencor, Inc., containing information on setting up an investment plan and managing the account.

Special Programs