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CFO Jeff Atwater Encourages Floridians to #GetAPlan and Become #DisasterReady


Contact: Ashley Carr
(850) 413-2842
CFO Jeff Atwater Encourages Floridians to #GetAPlan and Become #DisasterReady
Before the official start of the 2016 Hurricane Season on June 1, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater reminds Floridians that being prepared means more than stocking up on batteries and bottled water. In addition to securing these important items, CFO Atwater stresses that it is equally as important for Floridians to prepare their insurance and emergency-related financial documents before the arrival of the upcoming storm season. Although more than a decade has passed since Florida faced a major storm, weather experts anticipate that the 2016 season will be active and Floridians are encouraged to plan accordingly.

“I encourage all Floridians to verify their financial and insurance policy information as part of their family’s overall disaster-readiness plans,” said CFO Jeff Atwater. “It takes just a few minutes to print and fill out our emergency preparedness toolkit, and having copies of insurance policies and a photographic inventory of a family’s belongings can make a world of difference if you need to quickly file a claim.”

Floridians should prepare an insurance and finance packet of information that can easily be taken if evacuation becomes necessary. The packet should include detailed account information associated with property and health insurance policies as well as bank account information and contact numbers for all financial institutions and insurance companies. Having these documents in place and readily available makes the potential claims-filing process much easier.

For Floridians who may not know where to begin, the Department of Financial Services offers a Homeowners’ Insurance Toolkit that was designed to assist Floridians in this process. The first step is to understand the insurance policies that are currently in place and what those policies cover in the event of a disaster. Only then can families determine if additional coverage is necessary to protect their home and property.
This toolkit also walks through the process of developing a property inventory so families have an accurate accounting of what they own and therefore what may become damaged during a storm. Further, it provides guidance on navigating the insurance claims process and provides and legal and financial document checklists to help Floridians ensure that in the event of an evacuation or property loss, documents are not lost and claims can be filed in a timely manner.

An abbreviated version of the Homeowners’ Insurance Toolkit is available via the Department’s Emergency Financial Preparedness Toolkit. This shortened version of the Insurance Toolkit provides a place for families to write down policy information, contact numbers, and it includes helpful phone numbers that families might need following a storm, such as the State of Florida’s Emergency Information line.

For quick access to these toolkits and other disaster-related information, visit the Department’s Disaster Response webpage at

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Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, a statewide elected official, oversees the Department of Financial Services. CFO Atwater’s priorities include fighting financial fraud, abuse and waste in government, reducing government spending and regulatory burdens that chase away businesses, and providing transparency and accountability in spending. Follow the activities of the Department on Facebook (FLDFS) and Twitter (@FLDFS).