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Information Systems

The Division of Information Systems (DIS) plans, manages, and operates the information technology (IT) resources for the Department of Financial Services (DFS), Office of Financial Regulation (OFR), and Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR). These entities are DIS  customers and rely heavily on information, IT resources, and IT services for the efficient and effective management of their operations.

IT resources and services are defined by policy to be "information processing hardware/software, communication resources, strategic applications, personnel, contracts with outside information technology consultants, facility resources, information technology maintenance, information technology training, and other related resources."

The primary goal of information technology is to enable the business to succeed. DIS focus is on understanding the business of its customers, improving those business processes, and delivering innovation. DIS continually fosters close working relationships with its customers through joint initiatives and ongoing engagement at the leadership levels.


  • Chief Information Officer Charles Ghini

Contact Us

  • Address: Division of Information Systems, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0316
  • Telephone: 850/413-3184

Functional Organization


DIS executive program offices are responsible for management and administration of the IT program and overall coordination of IT activities. The DIS executive program offices:

  • Establish DIS mission, goals, and technology strategic plan
  • Establish and direct implementation of IT resource policy
  • Manage and administer IT resource budget, cost accounting, IT procurement and contract management functions
  • Ensure provision of secure, reliable information
  • Continue IT operations in emergency situations
  • Provide audit and regulatory compliance


DIS strategic program offices are responsible for business relationship management, communications, project management, and service management. The DIS strategic program offices:

  • Align IT plans and resources with the business strategies of DFS, OFR, and OIR
  • Improve IT processes, disciplines, and methodologies that govern the interactions of business and IT management
  • Ensure effective use of DIS customers' investments in technology assets and services to contribute to business performance and achieve business goals and objective
  • Improve the planning, budgeting, communications and management of IT services


DIS operational program offices are responsible for the day to day operation and management of IT resources and services. The DIS operational program offices:

  • Provide and support mainframe, client-server, and web environments
  • Provide and support data communications and telecommunications over local and wide-area networks
  • Provide and support mainframe, client-server and web application systems
  • Provide and support data management
  • Provide a single point of contact for all IT service requests and incident resolution