Volume 7 Number 51 December 17, 2010

Dear Floridian:

Our recent editions of e-Views have reflected on the accomplishments and important work of our team in the Department of Financial Services. While much good work has been done over the last four years, there is always more to do. It is important that Florida’s leaders continue to identify reforms that can and should be continued across administrations.

This edition of eViews addresses just a few key issues that I believe must be considered by the Cabinet and Legislature and are based on reforms and initiatives started during my service as your CFO.




Alex Sink
State of Florida


A Modernized Accounting and Information System

Achieving the most efficient and effective management of the state’s business continues to be hampered by the lack of a state-of-the-art and coordinated accounting and information management system across state government.

More Experienced Governance of Florida’s Pension Fund

In March of 2008, I set forth a Ten Point Plan to bring more accountability, oversight, and transparency to the way our State Board of Administration was governed. The SBA Reform Bill that was signed into law this year includes many of the important recommendations, but more work is left to do to ensure the best governance structure for Florida’s $120 billion pension fund.

Reducing Florida’s Risk Exposure

Florida’s elected officials must continue to address the burden of the state’s catastrophic risk and work to establish a long-term, strategic vision for addressing hurricane risk in our state. While our state has been lucky to have not had a hurricane in the last five years, we are still in a precarious situation.

Consumer Advocacy: More Important Than Ever

Our elected officials must recognize in these tight economic times that Floridians need consumer protection, advocacy and education more than ever.

Public-Private Collaboration to Improve State Government

Our incoming Cabinet Officers should ensure that Florida’s state agencies use private sector best practices and expert advice to increase efficiency and lower costs, and encourage state agencies to work together collaboratively in order to best serve the people of Florida.

Getting A Good Deal While Protecting Florida’s Natural Resources

Florida’s officials must ensure that Floridians get the best deal for their taxpayer dollars when buying land for conservation, and especially when leasing Florida’s sovereign submerged lands, while still protecting Florida’s natural treasures that are key to our state’s economy.