WHEREAS, Florida’s Agency for Persons with Disabilities provides services to more than 35,000 Floridians with developmental disabilities annually so they can live and work in their local communities; and

WHEREAS, Florida’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services programs within the Department of Education assist people with disabilities so they may become employed; and

WHEREAS, during the history of these programs, they have had an overwhelming impact on the lives of thousands of citizens in Florida with disabilities by offering services including job placement, job training, support services and job coaching; and

WHEREAS, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities has assisted 5,143 Floridians with disabilities with maintaining gainful employment and Vocational Rehabilitation has assisted 8,077 Floridians with disabilities and Blind Services helped 670 individuals with achieving their employment goals last year; and

WHEREAS, within the Vocational Rehabilitation program, the Bureau of Reemployment and Rehabilitation Services provides services to assist injured workers in returning to suitable employment helping 1,310 injured workers return to jobs; and

WHEREAS, The Able Trust, also known as the Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities provides Floridians with disabilities employment opportunities through fundraising, grant programs, public awareness and education awarding over $25 million to individuals with disabilities and nonprofit agencies for employment-related purposes, enabling more than 2,000 Florida citizens with disabilities to enter the workforce each year; and

WHEREAS, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation, Blind Services and The Able Trust have substantially contributed to the tax revenues of the State of Florida by helping individuals with disabilities to go to work, thus enabling many to leave public assistance and also become taxpaying citizens; and

WHEREAS, mentoring and job shadowing provide employment opportunities for students and job seekers with disabilities supporting Florida Disability Mentoring Day on October 21st with this year’s theme, Reach! Hire!; and

WHEREAS, Florida joins the rest of the Nation in recognizing the contributions of the 3.5 million Floridians with disabilities by celebrating October, 2009, as Disability Employment Awareness Month.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida do hereby recognize October, 2009, as


in Florida and commend the programs for their dedication and outstanding assistance toward improving the quality of life for the citizens of Florida with disabilities.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida have hereunto subscribed their names and have caused the Official Seal of the State of Florida to be hereunto affixed in the City of Tallahassee this the 29th day of September, 2009.