Volume 5 Number 20
May 16, 2008


At a meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink offered a resolution recognizing the Prudential Financial Davis Productivity Awards, which honors state employees who  increase public service productivity and promote innovative ideas.

Once a year, the Davis Productivity Awards recognize employees who have gone beyond the call of duty to provide efficient and high quality service. The awards promote innovation and maximize service to Floridians.

This year marks the 20th year for the Davis Productivity Awards, presented by Prudential Financial. Since its inception, more than 12,000 state employees have been nominated for producing $5.9 billion dollars of added value to Florida’s taxpayers.

Nominated state employees are eligible to receive cash awards of $250 to $2,500, commemorative plaques, and certificates of commendation. Employees nominated include, individuals, teams, work units and agencies that exceeded their job descriptions and performance expectations in ways that improved service delivery and added value for Florida taxpayers and businesses. 

The following Prudential Financial Productivity Award members were recognized by CFO Sink at Tuesday’s meeting for the Florida Cabinet:

  • Dominic Calabro, President & CEO, Florida Tax Watch
  • David Smith, Chairman, Florida Tax Watch
  • Martha Barnett, Chair-elect, Florida Tax Watch
  • Mike Jennings, V.P. Government Relations, Prudential
  • Bonnie Basham, Awards Program Judge
  • Paul Lewis, Jr., Progress Energy Florida (sponsor)
  • Clarissa Dunlap, Executive Director, Prudential – Davis Productivity
  • Diana Calabro, Assistant, Prudential – Davis Productivity Awards

Prudential Financial, manager of $616 billion for millions of Americans as customers in 30 other countries, has been the program’s continuing Anchor Sponsor.

For more information visit www.floridataxwatch.org.


WHEREAS, the Prudential - Davis Productivity Awards, which is supported by corporate and philanthropic contributors, and administered by Florida TaxWatch in partnership with the State of Florida and The Florida Council of 100; and

WHEREAS, Prudential Financial, Inc., manager of approximately $648 billion in total assets serving individual and institutional customers worldwide has been gratefully welcomed as the program’s continuing Anchor Sponsor; and

WHEREAS, the Prudential - Davis Productivity Awards recognize and reward outstanding Florida state government employees and teams whose work measurably increases public service productivity and promotes wise innovations that better serve the people of Florida; and

WHEREAS, the Prudential - Davis Productivity Awards program is dedicated to the idea that recognizing, rewarding and replicating diligence and innovation can and does increase government performance and productivity for its citizens; and

WHEREAS, from the time of the productivity awards program’s inception, more than 13,000 nominations have been submitted to recognize state employees who produced over $5.9 billion of added value to Florida’s taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, 2008 marks the twentieth year of this landmark program and state agencies support this valuable program as a means of recognizing and rewarding those employees whose dedication, imagination, innovation, and professional skills improve the products, services produced and enhance the lives of the citizens they serve; and

WHEREAS, agency managers and supervisors are encouraged to promote award winning achievements that can be adapted and implemented by other employees, teams and work units to maximize their productive value, to track implementation and report results to agency awards coordinators, and to nominate adapted achievements for recognition in 2009; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida do hereby recognize June, 2008, as


recognition month in the State of Florida.

IN TESTIMONY THEREOF the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida have hereunto subscribed their names and have caused the Official Seal of the State of Florida to be hereunto affixed in the City of Tallahassee on this 13th day of May, 2008.