Volume 5 Number 13
March 28, 2008


Frybrid Diesel/Vegetable Oil

Representative Vana addresses the Governor and Cabinet in praise of the FryBrid project of Mike Haber and Richard Blair.



CFO Alex Sink recognized some special “green” guests at the Cabinet meeting this week. A "FryBrid" conversion vehicle was sponsored by the K-12 Science Team Division of Curriculum & Learning Support and the School District of Palm Beach County.

Students Mike Haber and Richard Blair and their teachers, Thomas Knott, Deborah Bower, Thomas Metcalf, and science administrator Fred Barch, came to Tallahassee to promote their vehicle that runs on free, waste vegetable oil from cafeterias and restaurants. Representative Shelley Vana joined her constituents from Palm Beach County at the Cabinet meeting.

The team attempted to drive the “FryBrid” Mercedes from Palm Beach to Tallahassee, without purchasing any additional fuel for the trip. Unfortunately, the vehicle broke down in Gainesville, but the participants made the trip to Tallahassee anyway. The FryBrid is now on its way to Boston to attend and participate in the National Science Teachers Association Conference.

This is the type of innovation we need in Florida. More importantly, when talking about a first-rate education and teachers dedicated to the students of Florida, this is what the standard should be.

Thank you to the students, Mike and Richard, and their teachers for bringing such a great example of the potential of students and technology to the attention of Floridians.