Volume 5 Number 3
January 18, 2008


The My Safe Florida Home program was created to encourage Floridians to harden their homes against hurricanes, and is administered by Florida’s Department of Financial Services. Hundreds of Floridians are working with the program every day to learn how to better protect their property and families in the event of a hurricane.

The Advisory Council was created by the Florida Legislature to provide advice and assistance to the department regarding administration of the My Safe Florida Home program. The Advisory Council consists of twelve members from various stakeholders as directed by Section 215.5586, Florida Statutes.

My Safe Florida Home Program Advisory Council:

Florida Bankers Association Appointee:
Mrs. Miriam Lopez
TransAtlantic Bank

Florida Insurance Council Appointee:
Mr. J. Otis Black
State Farm Insurance Company

Florida Home Builders Association Appointee:
Mr. Robert “Bob” Farr
Can Do Service Corporation

State University Faculty Member Appointee:
Mr. Kurtis “Kurt” Gurley
Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida

House Speaker Appointees:
Representative Alan D. Hays
Florida House of Representatives

Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera
Florida House of Representatives

Senate President Appointees:
Senator Michael “Mike” S. Bennett
Florida Senate

Senator Paula Dockery
Florida Senate

Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes:
Mrs. Leslie Chapman-Henderson
Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)

Senior Officer of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund:
Mr. Jack Nicholson
Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

Executive Director of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation:
Mr. Scott Wallace
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Director of the Division of Emergency Management:
Mr. William “Craig” Fugate
Division of Emergency Management, Department of Community Affairs