Volume 4 Number 50
December 14, 2007


CFO Sink on Wednesday joined Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp and House Speaker Marco Rubio as a speaker before nearly 200 members of Florida TaxWatch, a private, non-profit, non-partisan research institute that in the past 25 years has developed a reputation as a watchdog of citizens′ tax dollars. The meeting was held in Palm Beach.

The CFO said Florida’s anticipated revenue shortfall of $2.5 billion this fiscal year and next presents an opportunity to create more efficiencies in state government by taking advantage of purchasing power and economies of scale. “I think millions can be saved by managing dollars more efficiently,” she said.

She said that the Department of Financial Services, Division of Treasury and Bureau of Accounting and Auditing, are putting together a Partners in Accountability program to work with state agencies in the way they manage vendors and helping them negotiate better deals and hold vendors more accountable. She said she also is pushing for state agencies to do a better job of managing employee safety and workers compensation programs.

She also encouraged the business members of TaxWatch both to prepare for the financial risks of climate change but also take advantage of the opportunities. She said “the rest of the world is way past debating whether or not climate change is happening and what caused it, and are totally focused on adaptation.”

She finished her speech by saying urging members to learn all that can about the impact of the property tax amendment that will appear on the January 29 ballot, saying once something is in the state’s constitution, “it is really, really hard to roll back.”