Volume 4 Number 45
November 9, 2007



CFO Sink met with senior officers at Lloyd’s of London, including CEO Richard Ward, above, and Director of Franchise Performance Rolf Tolle, pictured below.

CFO Sink discussed her proposal to reform Florida’s Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to reduce the potential of billions in future assessments should a bad storm hit our state and expand the private reinsurance market in Florida. On the same subject, CFO Sink also met with RBS executives Ian Fraser and Andrew Cave and Swiss Re Manager Tim Carroll, to the right.


CFO Sink met with local firefighters at a fire station in London. Firefighter "Jay" Day spoke to CFO Sink about the City of London’s free smoke alarm program, which allows residents to request a smoke alarm at no charge, courtesy of the City of London.

On Monday, CFO Sink met with Patrick Lamb and Duncan McKenzie of the International Financial Services of London (IFSL), above. IFSL comprises more than 130 member companies that work together to produce research papers and increase trade between companies in the United Kingdom and parts of the world. CFO Sink also stopped by the London office of Enterprise Florida, below, where she discussed expanding investment and trade opportunities between Florida and the United Kingdom.

CFO Sink met with London Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron, below, who is spearheading the City of London’s efforts on climate change. London has a goal to reduce their 1990 carbon emission levels 60 percent by 2025. London also has an aggressive campaign to educate residents about the steps they can take to preserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

In Scotland, CFO Sink met with Jenny Hamilton, Climate Change Policy Team Leader, and Guy Winter, Climate Change Science Advisor. Both Ms. Hamilton and Mr. Winter are leading efforts for the Scottish government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and today we learned those emissions have fallen by 16 percent between 1990 and 2004. Additionally, Scotland is exploring economic growth of new industries, such as green-tech and biofuels.